About me

There are so many translators out there, so why should you pick me?

I am passionate about language and translation
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination for language. I was always searching for new words, new meanings, new expressions. At first I extended my knowledge of my native language, Dutch, but at the end of elementary school this intense curiosity expanded to other linguistic realms – first English, then other neighboring languages. In University I studied Spanish and Portuguese, which I later used extensively during an internship and travels in Latin America.

I love learning and research
One of the things I am happy about in my personal life is that I have wide interests. I love learning about the world around me, and this helps me a lot when translating. Of course, there are some areas that I have more affinity with, but I have no trouble delving into a new field to find the best way to translate content.

I take the small stuff seriously
Aside from a passion for language and learning, I also posses somewhat of an obsession with details, which comes in quite handy in this profession. Especially during proofreading or linguistic quality assurance, it’s often small things that were overlooked in the translation process that would look very sloppy if not corrected (like punctuation, for example.) Luckily, I have several years of experience proofreading PDFs, games and regular texts, so I can quickly spot errors.

How I can help you
If you’re looking for a reliable Dutch language professional who can help you get your message across to your Dutch-speaking audience, contact me to see how I may be able to help.